Solving Members Questions/Comments Efficiently

At Community Choice Credit Union (CCCU) in Des Moines, Iowa, a $425 million asset shop, the phones seemed to ring off the hook. A slow dissection began to determine what was pushing such a high volume of calls. Hindsight as always being 20/20, looking to the CU’s website for answers should have been high on the list. Once analyzed, it was realized that one of the top visited pages was the “Contact Us” page. At closer examination of that page, it became evident that members were not being set up for good service, or were they able to find who they should go to for their answers. It was a typical contact form, with the CU phone number at the top. It appeared that when members had questions or comments, the best choice was to go to the phones. This ushered in Contacted™ from CU Ratecheck. Contacted™ has improved member service, increased efficiency in handling member questions while creating a level of accountability for managing the overall function. Contacted™ is essentially a triage system for handling member questions. The system allows the CU to assign users to each unique question or member’s situation. Then, when a question rolls in, it is immediately routed to the group that can fulfill that member’s need and alerts them via email. Within the first week of utilizing Contacted™, CCCU has handled over 150 member questions/comments quickly, seamlessly and simply.